QS World MBA Tour - New York

Saturday, May 11 @ Hilton New York Hotel

Saturday, May 11 @ Hilton New York Hotel

Hilton New York Hotel (photo 1 of 1)
1:30 pm - 6 pm
1335 Avenue of the Americas
Free with registration
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If you are considering getting your MBA and are interested in discussing your options with admissions directors from leading business schools, the QS World MBA Tour is a must. Their MBA events are here to help you find the right business school, learn more about putting together a successful MBA application and understand the benefits of having an MBA degree in the future. This MBA fair is here to answer your lingering question of ‘Is an MBA right for me?’

At this MBA fair, you will learn how an MBA:

  • Provides you with the skills and knowledge to transition to a higher level of responsibility
  • Helps you finesse your teamwork skills
  • Increase your understanding of human relations in organizations
  • Increase your ability to respond effectively to the uncertainty and complexity that is a feature of organizational life
  • Provides you with the opportunity to maximize your earning potential

You should attend the MBA fair in New York if you:

  • Are unsure about which school, program, location is right for you
  • Want to meet face-to-face with admissions officers from top tier business schools from around the world
  • Want to improve your GMAT score
  • Need tips on writing a successful MBA application
  • Would like to register for an MBA scholarship
  • Are keen to network among likeminded professionals and alumni of business schools

The main features of the MBA fair in New York include:

  • Meeting face-to-face with admissions officers from top schools including New York University, Columbia, Cornell,  MIT, INSEAD, UCLA, LBS, IMD and London Business School. 
  • Up to $1.2 million of exclusive scholarships available for attendees
  • Attend free GMAT seminars hosted by GMAC - the creators of GMAT
  • Meet Ivy League MBA Alumni from Wharton, Kellogg and Harvard and get advice on their MBA experience
  • Benefit from pre-fair career panels for advice on what to do after your MBA
  • In depth panel discussions and presentations from world leading program directors
  • Executive MBA forum to find out suitable study options for professional with six or more years of experience
  • Connect 1-2-1 forum to find information about a range of top business schools
  • Inspirational Women & Leadership Forum including 

This is the largest MBA event in New York and it is here for one day only. Arrive at the Hilton New York Hotel on Saturday May 11th, between 1:30 pm and 6 pm to experience all the above and so much more.

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